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Eclipse of the Sun Virgin is a 1967, 16mm, 17minute film; directed by George Kuchar. The film is based on dealing with a poignant self-identity and the feeling of void between pornography. The short film was filmed in the late 1960’s, in this era a lot was going on with politics, social surroundings and economics.

The short film is set in a small apartment. There is little speaking between the characters and a variety of music and sound in the background of the film. There are a lot of visual aspects of the characters mainly focusing on George Kuchar. Observing the way the film was shot there are a lot of shots and cuts in all the scenes.
I think this film is based around maturity physically and emotionally in some ways, for example in the beginning of the film the camera is focused on a
slightly attractive guy and then the camera cuts to George who is not so much attractive looking.

In the short clip the camera, switches back and forth between the more attractive guy and George Kuchar; the camera take by
take would focus on the face then the neck, clothes and the way the button up shirt is open on the attractive guy making him look cool. The camera then
begins to focus on George and the many changes he make in his clothing trying to look cool by wearing a leather jacket. Eclipse of the Sun Virgin, is based
on identity and trying to find how to look more uncomfortable and cool, when actually seems even more uncomfortable.

Eclipse of the Sun Virgin (1967) youtube

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December 8th, 2011 at 7:37 pm

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      Amy Herzog says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding this film!!! Another George Kuchar fan!