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Mitch Wayne is known to be the perfect gentlemen;he’s the best friend of Oil Tycoons son, known as Kyle Hadley who is known as the playboy and a spoiled brat. Mitch Wayne meets a young Lucy Moore anexecutive secretary; he later introduces her to his playboy friend Kyle. Mitch Wayne is the trust worthy friend that everyone can lean on and trust. In the film observing Mitch Wayne’s character, he is comfortable being the sidekick and the one everyone can turn too. He doesn’t complain and is everything that someone could look for in a best friend. The odd things I have observed about Mitch’s character is that every time he’s about to succeed or do something for himself he gives that opportunity away to the Hadley family. The Hadley family is Oil Tycoons who don’t necessarily how be responsible and expects everyone to fix their issues.

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December 6th, 2011 at 8:45 am