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    Psycho is an extraodinary film. A young secrectary steals $40,000 from her employer believing that she will finally have the chance to live the life she have always dreamed of with her boyfriend. The scene where Marion Crane is packing her clothes, her body language presents the look of guilt and excitment in her face and stance. The guilt begins to set in her mind when her boss sees her in her car at the red light. I really liked how the camera set on Marion Cranes face as she drives; her face gives off a blink look and her eyes constantly blinking and at times not blinking at all gives away her guilt. The voiceover of what Marion is thinking in her mind allows the audience to recognize that she has lost her MIND!!!; which led her to the first place(The Bates Motel) she thought she could be alittle safe from guilt and the world, has ended up being the most dangerous place and the last place she would be alive.

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December 6th, 2011 at 7:55 am

2 Responses to “PSYCHO (1960): ALFRED HITCHOCK”
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      Ricardo La Rosa says:

    Gwenn, I like the dramatic way in which you analyze the scene when Marion is driving after she stole the money.

    It reenacted the scene in my mind and I felt a sensation of the need to escape which is what I felt when I saw that part of the movie.

    The character is well described and in a few words, you presented the essence of the movie. I enjoyed reading your review.

    Ricardo 1217

  2. 2
      cyna13 says:

    This is a good analysis of this scene. I definetely felt like Marion was losing her mind during the voice over scene! At this point she kinda already lost it since she’s on the run with her employer’s cash and paranoid after her run in with the officer. The music is also effective in this scene since it relates to the theme of suspense paranoia.