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Michel Poiccard, a young man who is a well known car thief, he  ends up killing a police officer and on the run from the authorities. Michel Poiccard lives his life on the edge  and only lives for “Today”, he doesn’t really think too much about the actions he make. Michel main focus is to get the money that his friend owes him and fleed to Italy to live his life. Michel runs around trying to find his friend throughout Paris, France. The entire time he ends up missing his friend by seconds which lessens Michel to get out of France. The end of the film is tragic because the entire time Michel is diving and hiding from the police his friend and the American Girl,Patricia Franchini, which he falls for has turn their backs on him. Michel tries running when he shot several times because thats all he knows, he thinks as long as he runs he will get where he wants to go but hes finally caught and only makes it down the block where he finally realizes that its too late he lost and they all have won.

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December 6th, 2011 at 8:19 am