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“The Gaze” and Representations of Gender: Double Indemnity is a 1944 film. Directed and written by Billy Wilder. The genres are film-noir, crime and thriller. Starred Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson. The film is based on a well experienced salesman, who sells insurance and comes across a young seductive woman who is […]

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Eclipse of the Sun Virgin is a 1967, 16mm, 17minute film; directed by George Kuchar. The film is based on dealing with a poignant self-identity and the feeling of void between pornography. The short film was filmed in the late 1960’s, in this era a lot was going on with politics, social surroundings and economics. […]

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All That Heaven Allows is a 1955 film, 89 minutes long, Technicolor the film presents a lot of vibrant colors and artificial scenery. The film was directed by Douglas Sirk, Screenplay Peg Fenwick and Story by Edna L. Lee. The film starred Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman and Agnes Moorehead. The film is based around the […]

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Mitch Wayne is known to be the perfect gentlemen;he’s the best friend of Oil Tycoons son, known as Kyle Hadley who is known as the playboy and a spoiled brat. Mitch Wayne meets a young Lucy Moore anexecutive secretary; he later introduces her to his playboy friend Kyle. Mitch Wayne is the trust worthy friend […]

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Michel Poiccard, a young man who is a well known car thief, he  ends up killing a police officer and on the run from the authorities. Michel Poiccard lives his life on the edge  and only lives for “Today”, he doesn’t really think too much about the actions he make. Michel main focus is to get […]

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    Psycho is an extraodinary film. A young secrectary steals $40,000 from her employer believing that she will finally have the chance to live the life she have always dreamed of with her boyfriend. The scene where Marion Crane is packing her clothes, her body language presents the look of guilt and excitment in her face and stance. […]

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