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Public Enemy (1931) Warner Brothers. Production.  The film is 83 minutes, black and white.film was directed by William Wellman, written by Kubec Glasmon and John Bright.The filmed starred James Cagney, Edward Woods and Jean Harlow, Joan Blondell.

In this film it’s based on two young men named Tom Powers and Matt Doyle they started out being mischievous little boys who ran the streets into their young adult years their 20’s becoming dangerous mobsters and a part of a gang who run the streets and everyone around them. The two young men, who are best friends, do everything together from stealing from companies and cheating people to picking up girls,partying and living the wild life.

Tom Powers and Matt Doyle think they are living on top of the world by selling illegal booze to all the local bars and bringing home lots of cash. In the scene where Tom and Matt bring home a huge keg for Toms brother Mike’s homecoming dinner show an example of how Tom and Matt live their lives on the edge and illegally since alcohol was banned they knew how to get that keg and put the large keg in the middle of the dinning room table; this made the whole dinner experience look and feel awkward. The awkward feeling gave some way of how Tom and Matt basically lived their wild lives awkward and as outlaws.

In the entire film it seem like the police had less to no control with the situations where people where getting robbed and shot at, the police were the most afraid than the average civilians shown in the film.

Tom and Matt enjoy the surreal life of being in control, bootlegging and shooting up everything around them. Reality hits the young men. When the people they thought they could of trust, easily turns on them and other gangs actually have hits on the men make them suffer and get rid of them by killing them both.


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September 21st, 2011 at 6:25 pm