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http://annyas.com/screenshots/updates/the-lady-eve-1941/The Lady Eve (1941), Paramount Pictures Production.94 minutes, Black and white film. Directed and written by Preston Surges, based on Monckton Hoffe story. The filmed starred Henry Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck and Charles Coburn.

The film is about a man name Charles who’s a scientist that studies snakes, after spending a year in the amazon he decides to return home. Charles boards a ship that can take him to his destination and upon boarding the ship someone mysteriously drops an apple on his head.  Jean the main character sees Charles boarding the ship and simply becomes infatuated with this handsome man but in a mean and strange way so she hits him with an apple for the fun of his reaction.

In the scene where Charles is having dinner, he sits at a table reading his book and does not realize too much how the many women come to him one by one trying to gain his attention by dropping things in front of Charles table, introducing themselves and flirting at the same time or just being clumsy. Jean as she sits at the next table she pays attention to every move the women make as well as Charles confused expressions. As the women walks by Jean tell a little story as if she knows what each of the women tries to make their move. Jean is watching the entire “act” through her pocket mirror while sitting with Colonel Harrington. Jean seems to enjoy the crazy things that other women do to try to get a man’s attention knowing that all of the women fail. Jean has her own way of getting Charles.

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September 21st, 2011 at 7:30 pm

4 Responses to “The Lady Eve (1941)”
  1. 1
      ricardo1217 says:

    Gwenn, I like the narrative synopsis that you have posted. I think you did very well, but I would like to see more of your point of view.
    The story is described very well and I enjoy your focus on the comical part where the women are trying to get Charles attention. I can see also where you are going about “Jean has her own way of getting Charles” because as we see later, Jane gets to play with Charles to the point where is pitiful to see. The movie is funny and the story well presented.
    I enjoyed reading your work, but I hope next time you write more.


  2. 2
      keiyenna1 says:

    Thankyou, that part of the film interest me the most because all of the things the women were doing to catch Charles attention was funny and really ridiculous. I will definitely write more next time.

  3. 3
      Avah Au-Yeung says:

    I like that you mentioned the part where Charles gets hit in the head by an apple when he is boarding the ship. It’s one of those small quick actions that brings light humor into the movie. I wish you would mention more analysis like maybe patterns you noticed, or why you think certain things were portrayed the way they were. Maybe like the conning of the characters and who actually fooled who. There’s a lot of things to question in the movie, like is Harry really her father, or the idea of double standard when they go into the cabin together at the end of the film. Did she really love him? We don’t know for sure, but it’s something we can think about. Nonetheless, you did a good job talking about the comedic scene where she uses her ways to stand out from all the rest of the girls who are trying to get Charles’ attention.

  4. 4
      Alexis Futoran says:

    I just wanted to add something quickly about the theme of snakes in this movie since you mentioned in your post that Charles was a scientist. I found it so interesting how snakes were threaded throughout the entire film. I believe there was even a point when Charles states that snakes are his entire life and this stays true until the very end. Jean has all the characteristics of a snake as she is sneaky and quiet about her actions and Charles ends up marrying her. She is his life thus agreeing with his statement earlier in the movie!