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http://ddk19.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/citizen-kane-1941/Citizen Kane (1941) RKO Radio Pictures and Mercury Production film by Orson Welles. Film  is 119 minutes and Directed by Orson Welles, Written by Orson Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz. The film starred Orson Welles, JosephCotton and Dorothy Comingore, Agnes Moorehead.

Citizen Kane is a film about a story of a man that people in his life know of but actually does not know who he is and where he came from. Charles Foster Kane is an “All American” man who had everything andknew how to get what he wanted through his persuasive ways and open personality. In the entire film the man who was on top of the world was knownto be the loneliest man in the world.

In the beginning of the film Charles Foster Kane isbeing introduced over a radio voice and news paper articles. Throughout the film pieces of his “person life” is being exposed through disclosed documentsand by word of mouth from those who worked close to him or from a previous miserable marriages.

The main part of this film was Charles Foster Kane’s final word when he died was a name “Rose Bud” and everything else that surrounded around his castle known as “Xandau”, which was enormous and would never be finishedbeing built. “Xandau” wasn’t a home it was more observed as a museum with millions of items from around the world that was collected.

“Rose Bud” many thought was a women that he may havefell in love with secretly outside of his marriages. The sad thing about this film was even though many of the people whom surrounded him around his entire life of being rich and famous know one actually knew him as a person “personally”and he never allowed anyone close enough to him to know his history and secrets. Charles Foster Kane made sure everyone in his circle was surrounded by his ambiguous personality and his reputation with owning many newspapers as well as trying to run for president which he failed but always kept trying to accomplish.

It’s sad to see that “Rose Bud” was a slay which Charles Foster Kane use to play with as a child when he was poor and unknown to the world. Even the main character (the reporter) who was trying to investigate “Charles Foster Kane’s” life could never figure out a man well known to the world was really a “stranger” to everyone. Charles Foster Kane’s house will never be finished being built as like his story of who he really is will never be told.

Citizen Kane, in the film I have notice most of the angles of the camera seem to be only kept in the corner and everyone in the cameras view seem to be in a triangular stance. The camera always shot three people and the third person in this angle was usually in the back and was less important. The characters all took turns speaking and their body language and changing positions caught my attention along with the cornered camera. In the film when a group of individuals were shown in one shot, tricks with the camera were made; like the glare in the window during the newspaper celebration was shown. Charles Foster Kane was dancing with the band and dancers. While he was shot in the window glare, the camera closed up on the two men visually and audio keeping Charles Foster Kane well seen behind them and heard around them.


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September 21st, 2011 at 8:33 pm